Ramesh Shingadia on the Impact of his Store Refit

Ramesh Shingadia on how aligning by customer missions, has helped him grow his sales


Can re-organising a store layout by shopper ‘missions’ really boost profits? Yes it can!

If you can make it easy for your customers to fulfil the reasons they come into the store – e.g. to buy food for now, essentials when they’ve run out of, or a meal for tonight – you’ll encourage them to keep coming back and to spend more.

Ramesh Shingadia, of Londis in Southwater, West Sussex put the theory to the test. With detailed advice from Unilever’s Partners for Growth experts, he re-organised his store based on his customers’ missions – and takings showed the difference.

See the impact of Ramesh's Store Refit - watch our video:

If you’d like to re-organise your store layout according to shopper missions, then you need to know what missions your customers are on. Why not view our short film explaining shopper missions and how taking a mission based layout approach can help you grow sales?

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