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Why is household important?

Customers buying Household Cleaning products spend almost double the amount the average convenience store customer spends. However, it can be a confusing category and 15% of household cleaning shoppers end up not buying products because they cannot find what they are looking for. Merchandising is crucial and dividing the fixture by room use and product type, is important. Stocking the top brands, which act as beacons, is also key. For cleaning this is Flash and Mr Muscle and for Bathroom and Toilet this is Domestos. 

Why understanding affluence levels pays 
An area’s level of affluence affects Household cleaning product shoppers’ choices. In stores in a less affluent area shoppers want value for money so add a cheaper alternative to the range. More affluent shoppers will pay more for added benefits (eg Antibacterial, ‘no streaks’) so it’s important to have a variety of trusted brands available. There is also an opportunity to trade shoppers up by offering specialist products like stainless steel or granite cleaner.
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Recommended 1-Shelf Layout

Bestselling Household Products

Flash Multipurpose Spray with Bleach 500ml
Dettol Anti Bacterial Multipurpose Spray 500ml
Flash Multipurpose Liquid Lemon 500ml
Cif Cream Lemon 500ml
Cif Kitchen Spray Ultrafast 450ml
Mr Muscle Sink and Plughole Unblocker 500ml
Oven Pride Specialist Oven Cleaner 500ml
Vanish Specialist Carpet Foam 600ml
Mr Muscle Specialist Window Spray 500ml
Toilet Duck 4-in-1 Active Fresh 750ml
Domestos Bleach Original Blue 750ml
Finish Dishwasher Tablets
Finish Rinse Aid 400ml
Mr Sheen Polish 300ml
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Gurch Singh was pleasantly surprised by the uplift generated from the changes made based on Partners for Growth's advice

After implementing Partners for Growth advice, his category sales saw an 18% increase

Here's what Gurch had to say...

"I had doubts that Partners for Growth would have much effect on my household sales. However, it turned out to be a great tool to increase sales effortlessly, and make it easier for shoppers. Best of all, sales in the category were up 18%. In these challenging times, that’s almost magical"

Gurch Singh
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