Why the Ice Cream category is important in Convenience

How to make more lolly from Ice-Cream

Keep an eye on the weather – on a sunny day, Ice-Cream sales can go up by almost 400%

Use internal and external PoS to flag up the fact you sell Ice-Cream and place your cabinet near the till and other impulse items

Stock the best-sellers and use NPD to drive incremental sales

Quickly check the affluence of your customers to ensure you are meeting their needs and are stocking the right brands and SKU’s. Simply visit Check My Area to double check your customers’ affluence and check your range.

Advice for Low Affluence Stores

  • Low affluence shoppers typically buy more Kids ice-cream products and multi packs
  • Focus on core family brands

Advice for High Affluence Stores

  • In high affluence areas, range more Tubs / Dessert ice-cream options
  • Consider adding healthy options such as dairy free, vegan and low fat
  • Include on trend flavours and NPD to your range

We contacted Arif Ahmed to see how Partners for Growth's advice helped him increase sales in his store. After implementing Partners for Growth advice, his sales increased by 30%

We used to stock value products but found that they didn't sell. We looked at the advice on the Partners for Growth website and made changes according to the planograms and best seller recommendations. Our Ice Cream sales have increased by nearly 30%. I'm thrilled! 

I couldn't recommend Partners for Growth enough!

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