Category advice: Spreads

Why are spreads important?

Like milk, Butter and Margarines products are bought by almost every household in the UK and are a staple item for shoppers.  The product use (baking, cooking, spreading) will affect what type of product is bought. Taste preferences and attitudes to health can also have an impact.   A range that includes butter, buttery spreads, health and baking products will cover most shopper’s needs.
The top brands in these sectors are Lurpak, Flora, Clover and Stork.
Why understanding affluence levels pays 
Understanding the affluence levels of your customers can present opportunities within the spreads category. Higher affluence shoppers buy more butter and cholesterol lowering and are likely to buy more locally sourced products, which all have a higher price point.
Less affluent shoppers buy more buttery spreads but will also want to buy some of the more expensive products (eg. Butter). Affordable options can be provided through smaller pack sizes and cheaper brands.
Your Store is: Low-Affluence
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Recommended 1-Shelf Layout

Bestselling Spreads Products

Block Butter
Anchor 250g
Lurpak Slightly Salted 250g
Spreadable Butter
Lurpak Spreadable Lighter Slightly Salted 500g
Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted 250g
Buttery Spreads
Clover 500g
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter 500g
Family Health
Flora Light 500g
Flora Original 500g
Olive Spreads
Bertolli 500g
Bertolli 250g
Cholesterol Lowering
Flora Pro Activ Light 250g
Stork 500g
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We caught up with Abdullah to see how implementing Partners for Growth's category advice helped increase sales in his store...

After implementing Partners for Growth advice, his category sales saw a 20% increase

Here's what Abdullah had to say...

"I had a look at the Partners for Growth website, focusing on the spreads category specifically and found the advice really useful. The planograms were simple and easy to follow and I updated the fixture accordingly. I now stock various pack sizes and the best-sellers as advised and am pleased with the results so far as sales have increased by 20% and are still growing.

I'll definitely look at the website again and see how I can improve the other category sales in the store."

Abdullah Rizaq (Zak)
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