Why the Stocks, Gravy & Dry Sauces category is important in Convenience

How to spice up your Stocks, Gravy & Dry Sauces

Stick to a tight range of best-sellers, including both ready-made and dry packet sauces

Offer ‘Meal Solutions’ with cross-category promotions with other key ingredients - e.g. a Bolognese deal of sauce, mince and spaghetti

Display products by type of sauce – meal makers, pour over dry sauces - and then by brand so shoppers can find alternatives

Quickly check the affluence of your customers to ensure you are meeting their needs and are stocking the right brands and SKU’s. Simply visit Check My Area to double check your customers’ affluence and check your range.

Advice for Low Affluence Stores

  • Should space permit, increase range of Retailer Choice offering across the different segments
  • In less affluent areas, the Maggi brand tends to be more popular with shoppers
  • Include more traditional formats of stock cubes and gravy granules as these suit lower price points

Advice for High Affluence Stores

  • In more affluent areas, flex the range towards more premium brands across different segments.  For example, shoppers can be encouraged to trade up by offering more sophisticated flavours in the Schwarz range
  • Newer, high quality formats of stock and gravy pots should also be introduced to the range as these are superior products at a higher price point

Muneed Sarwar followed Partners for Growth's advice in his store and was impressed with what difference small changes can make. After implementing Partners for Growth advice, his sales improved by 20%

I have changed the whole shop layout and improved sales by 20% - its still early days but it is improving day by day. I would strongly recommend using Partners for Growth’s planograms as it makes a big difference. 
I check the website regularly and make the necessary changes

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