Category advice: Tea

Why is tea important?

With 165m cups of drunk every day and 90%* of households buying it, it’s no surprise that (after tap water) Tea is the most consumed drink in the UK.  ‘Normal’ Black tea plays a big role in this category and shoppers tend to be loyal to brands so it’s important to reflect this by stocking the market leaders: PG Tips, Tetley, Yorkshire Tea. Tap water varies slightly by region which affect the taste of tea so you may find that additional brands are also popular in your store.  Eg Scottish Blend, Nambarrie.

The tea category is experiencing a resurgence of popularity recently, with younger people attracted to the flavours and variety within Fruit, Herbal, Green and Speciality teas. These sectors are growing and are potential growth areas for convenience stores. Twinings is the market leading brand in Fruit, Herbal and Green Teas.

Why understanding affluence levels pays 

The type of tea and brands purchased can differ slightly by affluence. In less affluent areas, cheaper brands such as Typhoo may be attractive to shoppers.  Stores in more affluent areas may wish to provide ‘trade up’ opportunities by adding brands such as Yorkshire Gold or extending their Speciality range to include more unusual flavours. Fruit, Herbal and Green Teas have broad appeal across all affluences but a wider variety of range should be available in higher affluence stores.

* Kantar
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Bestselling Tea Products

Normal Tea
PG Tips 80's
Yorkshire Tea 80's
Tetley Tea 80's
Decaf Tea
Tetley Decaf 80's
Speciality Tea
Twinings Earl Grey 50's
Twinings English Breakfast 50's
Fruit and Herbal
Twinings Peppermint 20's
Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea 20's
Green Tea
Twinings Green Tea 20's
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We caught up with retailer Phillomena Alles to see how implementing Partners for Growth's category advice helped increase sales in her store...

After implementing Partners for Growth advice, her sales saw a 20-25% increase

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"The information from Partners for Growth was very useful and something which I implemented across a range of categories. Whilst we cannot stock all products, we focused on best sellers and re-laid the fixtures in a way that made it easy for our customers to shop. We have since seen an increase in sales of approximately 20-25% which is really positive!"

Phillomina Alles
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