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Why are toiletries important?

Toiletries form a key part of the ‘everyday routine’ and the majority of toiletries purchases in convenience are planned top up (44%) rather than distress (34%).  To maximise sales, simplicity and visibility are important. The category should be in a visible area of the store and clearly segmented by product type.  Bestselling brands that are trusted by shoppers are crucial in this category. In deodorants this is Lynx and Sure. In skin cleansing, it’s Radox, Dove and Carex. For skincare, it’s Simple, Nivea and Vaseline.  In shampoo, it’s Alberto Balsam and Head & Shoulders and in hair styling its VO5 and Silvikrin.

Why understanding affluence levels pays 

An area’s level of affluence affects what Toiletries shoppers are looking for. In areas of low affluence, for example, body sprays are popular, as they double as perfume, whereas in areas of high affluence, shoppers buy more roll-ons and anti-perspirants. High affluence shoppers are more likely to buy more premium brands such as Tresemmé and Batiste, whereas low affluence shoppers tend towards the Alberto Balsam and Silvikrin brands

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Recommended 1-Shelf Layout

Bestselling Toiletries Products

Female Deos & Body Sprays
Sure Compressed Crystal Invisible Spray 125ml
Dove Original Roll On 50ml
Dove Compressed Original Spray 125ml
Impulse Tease Spray 75ml
Impulse True Love Spray 75ml
Male Toiletries
Lynx Africa Shower Gel 250ml
Lynx Africa Body Spray 150ml
Sure for Men Invisible Ice 125ml
Sure Men Dry Active 125ml
Alberto Balsam Shampoo Sunkissed Rasberry 350ml
Alberto Balsam Conditioner Sunkissed Rasberry 350ml
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 250ml
VO5 Extreme Styling Rework Fibre Putty 150ml
Silvikrin Hairspray Max Hold 400ml
Skin Cleansing
Radox for Men Feel Awake 250ml
Dove Deeply Nourishing 250ml
Radox Bath Muscle Soak 500ml
Carex Original 250ml/td>
Dove Cream Bar Original 100g/td>
Vaseline Lip Therapy Original 20g
Nivea Soft Tube 75ml
Nutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 50ml
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We caught up with Premier retailer Afsana Bux, to see how implementing Partners for Growth's advice helped increase sales in his store...

Here's what Afsana had to say...

"I couldn't recommend Partners for Growth highly enough! I used the advice across 3 categories within the store - Toiletries, Laundry and Household - focusing on best sellers and product layout and saw a sales increase of at least 20% across the board. I am really pleased with these results - my turnover improved and I'm keeping the fixtures re-laid as per their advice."

Afsana Bux
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