Seasonal Calendar: Summer

With the weather warming up, a retailer’s thoughts turn to… summer sales. The weather forecast is your greatest ally. Keep a close eye on it and you can have just the right stock in the right place at the moment your customers want it.

Music Festivals 

The British Summer offers music lovers many opportunities to attend music all around the UK.  And with festivals, an element of camping tends to be involved – think day to day Toiletries essentials such as deodorants,  toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner.  Place these near the front of the store to ensure high visibility and to encourage those additional sales, think face wipes. 



Sporting Events

Whether it be football, cricket, tennis or even cycling, there really is something for everyone this summer.  And the one thing sporting events have in common is that people tend to prefer watching these in groups.    Whether it be a casual barbeque or an evening in front of the TV, savvy retailers can really score big.  Make sure the core categories – crisps, beers, soft drinks, pizza and ice-creams - are covered.  And for those day time events, when the weather cooperates, think barbecues so salad, meat, buns, Table Sauces such as mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise will be in high demand.
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Summer Holidays

Schools are out and children and families will be out in force.  Whether it be going on day trips, stay-cations or outings along the coast, the holiday season offers retailers a great opportunity to boost their business.  Ice-cream sales can increase by 60% when the sun’s out so be prepared.  Make sure to let people know you sell ice-cream with pavement signage or window signs to shout about it and make sure your freezer is clearly visible in store and make sure you have enough stock – don’t get caught out with an empty ice-cream cabinet!

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Back to School

Whilst you’re gearing up for the holidays, don’t forget that the start of school is just around the corner.  Routines will come into effect again and your customers’ needs will change drastically.  Think quick meal time solutions with Cooking Sauces and after school snacks such as Pot Snacks which are also a firm favorite for college and university students. 

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Hot Weekend / Bank Holiday Checklist

Leave a thorough checklist in-store for your staff to check through before a Hot Weekend or Bank Holiday which should include some must-haves such as:

  • Disposable plates, cups, napkins
  • BBQ essentials such as charcoal, briquettes, skewers (bamboo & metal)
  • Ice Cubes and Ice-Cream

Wholesaler Promotions & Events

  • Big Nights in / BBQ – June through to mid-July
  • Summer Savings – Mid-July to end of August
  • Back to School – September

Think ahead to Autumn...