Seasonal Calendar: Winter

Winter’s a game of two halves in retail. The Christmas season is all about indulgence, entertaining and premium whilst January and February, health and practicality take over. Either way, there are profits to be made in the convenience sector

Fresh start to the New Year

Following on from the over indulgence of the festive season, your customers’ attention will turn to the annual “detox” and “self-improvement” resolutions.  Promoting options such as Green Tea, Fruit & Herbal infusions or other healthier options such as vegetables and soups will help support your customers’ aspirations. 

And its not just a body cleanse that takes effect in Winter.  Household cleaning products play a key role in this period with many of your customers looking to ensure that their homes are spotless in time for the invariable family visits as well as following on from the festive season.  Focus on the trusted brands for this and merchandise by room for ease of shop. 

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Take Stock

Its not just your customers who need a refresh.  Retailers should take the opportunity to take a closer look at the business and evaluate what improvements can be made to ensure that it is evolving and able to match their customers’ expectations and needs.  Review your staff organize staff appraisals as this will give you a great opportunity to discuss what improvements and changes can be made in-store – remember your staff represent you and your business with your customers.  Additionally, take the time to reassess the local area and competition – what more could you be doing?  What new initiatives could you bring into store to boost profits?  Review your fixtures and ensure you’re stocking the right products and presenting them the right why.

For more inspiration, why not check out Get your Store in Shape and How to stand out from the crowd

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Lift the mood

With Winter comes shorter days which impacts people’s moods.  Bring some fun to your customers’ lives with colorful displays.  Events such as Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Pancake Day offer retailers the perfect opportunity to create fun themed fixtures.  Whether it be flowers and meal deals for Valentine’s Day or pancake batter essentials – don’t forget Nutella – for Pancake Day, these offer retailers a great opportunity to bring a bit of light relief from the Winter gloom.

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Wholesaler Promotions & Events

  • Value / Price Drop theme – January to mid-February
  • Easter – Mid February to Mid-April

Think ahead to Spring...