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Here’s the scoop...

School holidays have begun and we're already half way through summer however now is not the time to take your eyes off your ice-cream fixture

Keep an eye on the weather with the 10-day weather forecast to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential sales – remember that on a sunny day, ice-cream sales can go up by almost 400%. 

Getting your ice cream offer right is crucial in the next few months and, with updated planograms and key online advice, Partners for Growth can help you maximise those seasonal sales. 

Ice cream is the classic impulse purchase so highlighting the fact that you sell it can boost sales dramatically. Pavement signage and in-store signs and POS can draw in customers and putting the chiller cabinet in the right position inside the store is also key. 

And getting the range right is also key. Partners for Growth has just updated its ice cream lists and planograms using the latest data on the best-sellers across the category. All of best-seller and planogram advice is supported by robust, independent national sales data. 

We recommend you organise your cabinet into four segments – chocolate snacks, filled cones, refreshment and kids. We also suggest you stock the top selling brands in each range and avoid duplicating flavours and formats. Best selling lines should be easy to find and clearly priced, though new products can also stimulate sales.

Ice Cream Top Tips:

  • Make sure people know you sell ice cream
    Highlight your ice cream cabinet using POS inside and outside the store
  • Make your cabinet easy to find
    Put the ice cream cabinet among other impulse products like crisps, soft drinks and confectionery.
  • Keep your cabinet clean and full
    Make sure the cabinet is always clean and defrost it regularly. (This will not only attract more sales, but also lengthen the life of the appliance and keep running costs lower.)
  • Sell ice cream all year round
    Ice cream sells throughout the year as an individual treat or as a dessert, so keep your cabinet presentable and well-stocked all the time
  • Stock the best sellers
    Follow Partners for Growth best-seller lists to maximise sales