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Spring into action for Easter

Family is a real focus around Easter and last-minute impulse purchases offer plenty of sales opportunities for canny retailers. And with Easter Sunday just around the corner (April 1st), retailers need to start getting organised to take advantage of this holiday.

Opportunities for c-stores

45%[i] of people are likely to buy Easter eggs from supermarkets but only 4% from c-stores.  It’s a similar story for alcohol - around 27% of people will buy alcohol for Easter celebrations in a supermarket, but only 5% will do so in a c-store.

Research also show that only 4% of shoppers will purchase flowers, cards, boxed and novelty chocolates from Convenience Stores.  There is a huge opportunity for retailers the boost sales for these categories in-store through clever merchandising. 


Grab a seasonal share

  • Let your customers know that you stock the items they need. 

Have a dedicated Mother’s Day or Easter stand or fixture to promote your offerings, and make sure you promote this on Social Media and in-store though PoS.  Offer your customers deals which include flowers, chocolates and cards…  


  • Focus on family occasions.

School holidays and family get-togethers mean more home cooking.  Inspire your customers by offering recipe cards and try to put all the ingredients for a meal adjacent to each other – or direct shoppers via in-store signage. Site cooking sauces near the main ingredients as a great way to pull a meal together with minimum effort.


  • Add alcohol to your Easter deals

Remind customers you stock alcohol through in-store signage. Special Easter deals on alcohol – either for gifting or as part of a meal deal – are also worth thinking about.


  • Baking fun

Don’t forget that Easter equals school holidays. Home baking can get a big boost at this time of year, with kids trying new skills in the kitchen. Make sure all the baking basics such as butter, sugar etc are positioned near each other or linked using in-store signage. Display cake decorations or baking kits too for extra sales.


Get engaged!

If you want to use Easter as a way of getting more involved in your community, why not think about organising an Easter egg hunt locally? It is a great way to bring in families with young children. You could get a team together to hide lots of little eggs (or markers to be swapped for eggs) around the area – a park, a village green, a church car park or similar.


[i] him!