Tailored planograms for your store…

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to tailor your stock to your customers? You’d keep your customers happy and maximise your sales at the same time.

Partners for Growth is now able to offer you even more targeted advice to help you stock the optimum range for your clientele. The award-winning website has rolled out planograms tailored to your customers' affluence in your area, across nine categories

This tailored service is free and unique to Partners for Growth.  Developed based on market data collated, showing what brands and formats are bought by different demographics, it means you can stock exactly the right range to meet your specific customer needs.

The planograms, which are designed to suit all store and fixture sizes, are available for each affluence level – low, middle and high – in each of Partners for Growth’s eight categories.  By factoring them into your ranging, planning and merchandising choices, you will be able to minimise your chances of missing a sale.

To access this new targeted information, all you have to do is log in and put in your postcode. We’ll run this through our affluence programme which will then indicate whether your area is low, mid or high affluence. You’ll then see planograms advising you what to stock depending on whether the average level of affluence in your area is low, middle or high.


“I have two stores in very different areas so the ability to tailor my stock and the way it’s ranged, according to location, would really help me to cater to the two different markets.  There’s no doubt that it could make a big difference to me, saving me a lot of time and increasing my sales

Dean Holborn, Convenience Retailer, Redhill & South Nutfield