How to use Partners for Growth

You can access our category advice through the menu bar at the top of the page or the category icons on the right of the Home Page

Each Category includes:

  • Planograms in a range of sizes
    • These layouts are designed to drive the most sales from the available space.
    • Use these planograms to check if you are displaying products in the most effective way.
  • Best Seller Lists
    • These are the products that are most popular with shoppers
    • Use this list to double check that you stock all the best selling products for your shelf size
  • Unilever Category Expert video
    • This contains more detail and insights on the category
    • Use these to highlight areas of opportunity to grow your sales
  • Planogram product list
    • Beside each planogram is a product list which can be printed
    • Use this to check which products you need to order

Use the category advice in conjunction with your Epos data to determine which products you need to keep, add or remove from your range.

Use shelf edge labels and price tickets to identify where products should be on the shelf. Avoid filling gaps with alternative products if a product sells out as this may create confusion if you do not have an automated ordering system, resulting in a best seller being out of stock for a prolonged period.

Some stores find the best way to keep on top of their categories is to appoint ‘category buddies’ so that one person is responsible for specific categories in store: checking that the shelves are well stocked, prices are displayed and the planogram is adhered to. You could even set a challenge to see who can increase their sales the most!

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